Risk Management

Identifying hazards and managing risk is an essential part of creating a safe work environment for your employees and is a requirement under Work Health & Safety Laws.
Good risk management practices involve identifying, assessing and controlling risk followed by a regular review of the controls that have been implemented.

You cannot manage risk unless you are aware of all the potential hazards. A compliance audit and risk assessment can help you to determine if your workplace practices are complying with WHS legislation and can be a pro-active way of preventing an accident or incident from occurring.

Our experienced safety consultants will work with your business through the full risk management process or can be commissioned to conduct a risk assessment on a specific area of your business.

Our services include:

Safety Management System

A good Safety Management System (SMS) will give your organisation clear direction on how to manage WHS issues, at the same time helping to cover your due diligence.

An organisation may have a collection of policies & procedures which they call a Safety Management System, but the reality is that unless the process is managed correctly, they are just a pile of documents.

The complexity of your safety management system will depend on the size of your business and the nature of your work but it should document WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHY & HOW.

It must be an organised system and as a minimum clearly demonstrate compliance with legislation. A good SMS will be auditable and not just a folder of unrelated documents.

We can work with you to customise your safety management system to ensure you have the who, what, when, why & how covered while improving your workplace safety performance:

  • Review of current SMS and related processes
  • Safety Policy & Safety Procedures
  • Safety management system audit
  • Developing a safety strategy for your business
  • Reporting systems & safety monitoring programs
  • Safety mentoring & leadership development training